I am a proud Mother and Military wife. My family is my world. If it seems like my blog is all over the place, look at it through my eyes….everything here revolves around art in some form or another. Wouldn’t you agree?

I consider myself an artist in many different outlets… as a nail tech I find nail art to be as relaxing as writing about things I’ve experienced in life and things I’m passionate about. I enjoy photography, music, painting, any crafts…if it’s related to art, I’m in.

Trials, tribulations, miracles, joys. I’ve seen them all in my 43 years. All of these things are just a part of what my life has made me. I hope that my stories and outlooks on life will touch someone else and help them see that ‘shit’ happens to us all, good and bad….it’s how we handle it that makes us who we are. I handle my “stuff” through art…We can let life’s storms define us, or we can use it to empower ourselves and our future. The choice is always ours. I choose to fly….there is always hope.

Until Next time…

Spread Your Wings,

Christa Stull


Some of my posts are freelance articles for another page…please take the time to continue to read them…I think you’ll find some very funny and some serious articles.