My Hometown In The Beautiful Pacific Northwest. Pt.1

I was born and raised in the city of Spokane Washington, home to the 1974 Worlds fair. Spokane has a lot of beautiful buildings, parks and many amazing things to do. There is no way I could photograph everything I find beautiful about this city in one day, so I’m breaking it up into 3 parts. Today I chose a couple places that have sentimental meaning to me.

John Finch Arboretum.

My first stop was to the John Finch Arboretum, where my husband and I got married. It was interesting going back, I got stung on the foot and found a brand new baseball cap that read; “DOPE” on the front…. Classy Spokane….classy. (No, I didn’t keep it).


The beautiful array of flowers at the entrance.


This is the bench my husband and I stood in front of to say our vows.


This old bridge crosses a small stream to the rest of the park, which is rich in many different flowers, trees and shrubs.



I wish I knew what kind of flowers these are. I feel like I should know, but that would be a question for my mom. MOM??
I really needed someone with me to give you the remote size of these trees. They are huge! And that branch would have been a perfect shot for someone to sit on.
Just a random floral garden in the middle of the park. It was on my way to this beauty that I was stung I might add.
Entry and Information building for the park.

After packing up and heading out, I saw a calf moose running down the street. My camera packed, I tried to keep an eye on where he/she was running to, but since I was focused on not hitting oncoming traffic, I lost track. That would have been a far away, zoom-in shot anyways…Who knows where Momma was? That would have been a cool picture to share.

For more information about the John Finch arboretum, times and events visit:

Riblet’s Mansion (Arbor Crest Winery)

When I was 5 we moved into an old farm house that sat a ways down the road from Riblet’s mansion. We passed it heading up and down a steep, winding, dirt road before hitting the strait away to our house.

Riblet, the inventor of the tram and ski lift died in 1960 leaving the mansion to his wife and eventually his son. He had the house designed and for years the only way off of the 600+ft cliff it sits on, was a tram across the Spokane river.

I used to ride my bike down that old dirt road when I was 6, 7, 8.. and sneak onto the grounds. There were so many beautiful, interesting things for a kid to discover there, right down to the rusty tram that sat outside the front gates..a prototype…..and something so fascinating that Riblet himself designed it all.

In 1984, ( I was 10) Arbor Crest bought it after Mrs. Riblet had since left the huge mansion. (No more sneaking in.)


In 2009 a fire started from a power strip. The day they tore the whole thing down, (It didn’t fully burn, just the upper floor) I cried when I looked up on the bluff and it was gone. I was happy to hear they were going to rebuild to Riblet’s exact blue prints of the original “Eagles Nest” as he called it..but I just recently found out that only the outside is the same. The interior was completely modernized..I haven’t been in it since I was young….still, disappointing.

Since the Winery was closed by the time I got there, I had to take these photos from below the bluff, but….I have full intentions of going back to get more pictures of the amazing things they’ve kept from Riblet’s original life-size Chess board to the rock pool he built and the pavilion. I want to walk the grounds again…..take a walk down memory lane.

Well this has been pt. 1 of my home town. I hope you enjoyed the photos and a little history.

Until next time..

~Spread your wings.





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