Gucci Guilty Inspired Nails.

I wrote about how much I LOVED the sample of Gucci Guilty I had to buy a bottle and it inspired me to do nails to match the bottle….but I had to add a little flare!

I literally live for these Sally Hansen Insta-dri polishes, it takes like 2 minutes, if that, to dry completely!! Perfect for those in a hurry to get their nails done and out the door!!

Order a 10 pack here.

This is the black striper I used, Color Club in black.

Order yours here.

I also really like the Finger-paint stripers, I used Restoration Red as the center of my leopard print.

And because I ran out of my Out The Door, I used my favorite gel top Coat CND Xpress.

Order your Gel top coat here.

Until Next time…

~Spread Your Wings





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