Do you even know what being hot feels like?

This post is sure to offend someone, so if you can’t handle foul language and are easily offended… just don’t read it, because I’m not going to sugar coat anything in this post to make you comfortable.

I keep reading complaints of people feeling so hot, “It’s 90+ degrees, I’m so hot, I’m gonna die”. People don’t even think about what our military is going through…they either don’t care, or they just don’t know.

The average temp in Kuwait is 100 degrees every day. Some days it’s much higher, like 120+ degrees… Yeah, “so what”? you’re thinking.. “it gets that hot here too.” Here’s the temps in Kuwait for the next 5 days.

Difference being? You’re not in full military gear surrounded by sand, no shade, no trees, no A.C. during your 13-16 hour shifts Packing around 50-75-100 pounds of gear, everyday……You’re not fucking hot, you’re uncomfortable. You can put on some shorts, a bathing suit, jump in a pool, climb in your A.C. car, or house…strip down naked. You have multiple options to get out of the heat…I hate to break this to you but every man and woman in our military in the middle east are HOT and they aren’t crying about it. I guess that’s why they are military, they can handle it.

Everyday they put on a full uniform, t-shirt, blouse, pants, socks, boots, gloves, their bullet proof vest (which is made of a composite plates), a Kevlar helmet that is also a type of composite, or a hat (depending on where they are what they are doing, but the helmet is always with them), two weapons ( A rifle and a pistol), a 3 gallon Camel back with water and anything they may need in their back pack. Food, first aid kit..whatever they need for whatever they’re doing. Add the weight of all that together and it damn-near weighs more than I do, and they carry it in excruciatingly hot temps and direct sun….. But you’re hot and going to die. Give me a fucking break.

Here’s what these guys and gals wear EVERYDAY!

U.S. Army Pvt. Derek Hayes, a mortarman from Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, patrols Tarmiya, Iraq, Feb. 17, 2008. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. William Greer) (Released)


MAT-V’s have A.C. but when you’re driving them daily in a gigantic endless sandbox, it doesn’t always work, sand doesn’t mix well with vehicles.

Next time you think to post how hot it is and you’re going to die…think of our deployed military instead of yourself and just don’t…. because really, unless you’re military…you don’t have a CLUE what hot feels like.

Here are a few of the major places our military is deployed and the weather for the next 5 days…

You still feel hot and like you’re going to die?


From a military wife….

Until Next Time..

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6 thoughts on “Do you even know what being hot feels like?”

  1. I think about the perspective of the military when I’m backpacking. I’m sweating bullets at 25 pounds of weight, while movies such as Restrepo show off 10+ mile hikes daily, with actual bullets and a ton more weight. Incredible people I simply can’t hang with. Being uncomfortable is shit – I can only imagine being hot.

    1. So many people don’t get it…I’m hoping this enlightens some folks to what it really feels like to be hot…Thank you for taking the time to read this and your comment!

  2. It really does put things in perspective. Personally, I love the heat, but not to that extreme. I am incredibly proud of our military men and women and beyond thankful for what they (and their families) go through to protect our freedoms. So thank you to your husband and yourself for your sacrifices!

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