This was a pleasant and unexpected surprise!

I was just discussing with another blogger how I could get my nails noticed on Instagram by the polish companies I use most. I’d like to be able to try new products and give reviews on them, hours later I got this message. I must admit I did a little dance because being noticed for your work is always a nice feeling and being featured is pretty darn cool!


We’ll see where it goes from here, but this was pretty exciting for me today.

Until next time,

~Spread your wings!


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2 thoughts on “This was a pleasant and unexpected surprise!”

  1. The way I started out reviewing nail polish (look up indie nail polish accounts on Instagram) was by sending them a DM or an email and asking them. I became involved in a lot of collaborations doing it this way, but keep in mind that companies aren’t looking for swatchers at all times. You may get 5 no’s before you get a yes, but it’s worth it imo to try.

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