Geode Nails.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to do a full set of polish geode nails. 10 layers of polish later and 2 and half days wasted, I realized I could come up with an easier DIY style that is just as pretty. And easy for anyone to do. But if you’d like the LONG process, which is what these are, please message me!

To do this:

Always add a base coat first!

  1. Polish your main color in a random section leaving empty space make your lines kind of jagged..
  2. Using a striper brush add a little white to make it look the the rock was scuffed outside your main color.
  3. Outline the inner with a striper brush edge of the main color with whatever sparkle you like.
  4. Outline the sparkles with a striper in black.
  5. The final step is adding sparkles and confetti to the center to make your geode look.
  6. 2 tops coats top coat and cuticle oil!!!
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