Just one of those days.

I guess we all have one…Today I just felt like nothing I do is of any importance. Down in the dumps, tired…emotional. One of those times when you could just jump in your car and drive….and drive. No one would notice I’m gone. Yeah right. I know that’s not true, but it’s the way I felt. I asked some ladies on how they deal with feeling this way and got some great advice. ‘Focus on you’, was my favorite.. So I did. I deep conditioned my hair and painted a water scene for my mom…… For a moment I was looking over a lake at sunset and it was peaceful and calming. I feel better.. Back to my more positive attitude. I hate feeling crummy…The worst part is when you can pin-point why you feel this way..It’s not like anything horrible is going on in my life, things are great as a matter-of-fact… I guess I was just due for a “blah” day. But, I’m normally a positive person so I don’t like that feeling lasting long…it drives me crazy!

So, this is the painting I did and it helped immensely….I’ll call it “Serenity”…because today, that’s what it brought me. 20161228_030742

Spread your wings ~Christa

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